All parts are carefully cleaned, degreased, visually inspected for scratches, dents, pits, cracks, etc.

Imperfections are repaired, grinded or polished to specification.

The part is rinsed in a series of baths to remove various impurities.

This critical step ensures that the base metal or substrate will accept the plating.

A heavy acid copper plating enhances the smoothness of the surface and improves corrosion resistance.

A light hand polishing removes any residue allowing the plating to bond with the substrate.

Only after the part passes our quality check is it ready to be electroplated.

The piece is then electroplated with the desired metal - sulfamate nickel, copper, bright nickel, hexavalent chromium, silver or gold.

Show pieces and unique items may be triple plated to produce a brilliant finish.

A final cleaning, visual inspection and quality check certifies the part for delivery.

It is then packaged with care for insured shipping by UPS, freight carrier or customer pickup.